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Posted On October 19, 2016By J.D. WilliamsIn Spotlights

Prepping Your Car With Gap Insurance (or Why I Hate Deer)

by J.D. Williams Commuting to work early in the morning is normally a routine thing that people experience, especially in southeast Michigan, with its clusters of assembly plants. Such was the case for me a few years back, on a morning in October, shortly before deer hunting season began. Up until that day, I hadn’t paid deer season much attention. I am not a hunter, and those days held no real significance to me other than being one of many rites of the greater autumn season. That all changed asRead More

Posted On October 11, 2016By J.D. WilliamsIn Homesteading, Spotlights

Hygiene in Emergencies

By Amy Aumick Whether a storm hits your home, a vacation goes awry, or you fall on hard financial times, there are some items you absolutely cannot do without. It is important to consider personal hygiene as much as good nutrition and first aid care. This is especially true when power grids and water infrastructures are hit for an extended amount of time. It doesn’t take much money to keep these essentials on hand, just good preparation and simple household ingredients. Aside from a quality first-aid kit, there are manyRead More

Posted On September 26, 2016By J.D. WilliamsIn Wilderness Survival

Surviving Snake Bites

By Ellie Matama North America has its fair share of venomous snakes, including rattlesnakes, coral snakes and copperheads. According to a The U.S. Food and Drug Administration report, an estimated 8000 people are bitten by venomous snakes each year. Roughly .2% of these people will die from these bites. The rest have to deal with the unpleasant effects the snakebites, which may include infections and amputations. Statistically, most snake encounters will happen in the outdoors. Does this mean that you should give up pleasurable activities like swimming, hiking, or camping?Read More

Posted On September 20, 2016By J.D. WilliamsIn News, Products

Fall BOM! now Available!

In light of recent events involving mass shootings, Our Fall issue of BugOut MAG! focuses on ways to stay alive when dealing with an active shooter. You will also find informative articles on indoor gardening, canning and pickling food for storage, powering your home independent of the energy companies, and dealing with deer (both in hunting them for food and in avoiding them while driving). You will also find great product reviews, and a nationwide listing of upcoming preparedness expos. It’s all inside! BOM Fall 2016 – Print – $8.95 BOMRead More

Posted On September 19, 2016By J.D. WilliamsIn Product Reviews

Product Review: Sierra Sage Green Goo

By Anthony Yeary As a prepper, my mobility bag (or bug out bag, as most people call it) is always under construction and modification. It goes without saying that I am always looking for new ideas to improve it. Due to my interest in being prepared and as a veteran, the Editor of Surplus Today asked me to review a potential addition to my preparedness. The product I reviewed is Green Goo First Aid and Outdoor Salve from Sierra Sage. Green Goo is an all-purpose salve intended to heal cuts,Read More

Posted On September 12, 2016By J.D. WilliamsIn Product Reviews

Product Review: Puralytics Solarbag

By Anthony Yeary   Survival gear is one of the many products that are absolutely essential for being prepared. The list of basic human needs determines what gear is most important when you are away from the comforts and security of your home. At the top of this list is water. Without it, the body cannot survive for more than three days. In the wilderness, there are many ways to purify water and, yes, the sun is one of them. One of the easiest and most thorough ways to purifyRead More
shrade knife3a
By Anthony Yeary There are a lot of survival knives on the market that range from total garbage you would never trust to actually use, to knives that are practically works of art that you would never want to actually use. I mean, they cost so much and they look so good that you wouldn’t want to mess them up would you? As with all of our survival gear we want to find good, rugged, practical equipment. A cheap knife won’t make the grade, but expensive ones will break yourRead More

Posted On August 24, 2016By J.D. WilliamsIn Products, Self Defense, Spotlights

What’s In Your Bedside Drawer?

By James C. Jones We spend about one-third of our lives in bed so there is a thirty-percent chance that the life or death emergency will strike while you are in bed. In that moment everything will depend on what you can reach right now. Think about it. You wake up in the dark and the house is shaking from an earthquake, a bomb blast or a tornado. You wake up in the dark and smell smoke or noxious fumes from a chemical incident. You wake up in the darkRead More
Senior Airman Shealyn Storm, 352nd Special Operations Support Squadron, attempts to disarm Capt. Daniel Dittrich, 352nd Special Operations Maintenance Squadron, using a long-gun takeaway technique she learned during a Krav Maga class. The class, once only offered to the members of the 352nd SOSS, is now open to all members of the 352nd Special Operations Group. The class is taught by trained instructors assigned to the 352nd SOG's security forces flight.

Posted On August 1, 2016By J.D. WilliamsIn Self Defense

Krav Maga Self Defense Training for Women

By Amy Aumick Krav Maga is a self-defense system developed for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) in the 1930s and 1940s by martial artist Imi Lichtenfeld. He was a boxer and wrestler who, after immigrating to Israel, began to provide lessons on combat training to soldiers there. Eventually, these soldiers formed the IDF and Lichtenfeld’s system of combat became formally known as Krav Maga. The name in Hebrew can be translated as “contact combat.” The root word krav means “combat” and maga means “contact.” Krav Maga is not classified asRead More
French_Combat_Ration-Luigi Chiesa

Posted On July 18, 2016By Raina KuptzIn Outdoors

Survival Food

By Mark Kaz For most people, picking and choosing meals is easy. They may have packed a freezer with everything from alphabet soup to zucchini. While daily life usually doesn’t bear the reality of it all being changed any time soon, that mindset is sure to be wrong sooner than later. When the change does come, many people just didn’t prepare. As a survivalist one question I’m asked most is what the best food prep is and why. For someone who’s just starting out on the preparedness and survival journeyRead More